Friday, 26 September 2014

I'm writing for a blog...

I'm currently writing artist features for The Roots of Creativity. I'm sticking with an article every Monday and Friday and have already lined up more interviews over the coming weeks.

If you're interested in a feature, get in touch via

Episode 3 - Jake Machen

Episode 4 - Caitlin McEvoy

Give Roots a follow over on their Facebook page for future articles and updates.

TALENTHOUSE - Lindsey Sterling Tour Poster

I had a few free days waiting for client feedback a couple of weeks ago and decided to enter a Talenthouse comp. Because why not. 

I haven't entered a competition for years, part of me disagrees with the ethics involved (ie. voting systems, "doing it for the likes") but I had a concept and took a stab at it. Judging is now on so hopefully I've got a chance at the final commission. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

2014 Open Portrait Session

 Last year I decided to make an annual limited giveaway where people send me mugshots and get a free illustrated portrait. I'd highly recommend doing this if you're a designer/illustrator as it's a great way to vary your portfolio and try something different. 

I always have loads of fun working on them, and it's great sending them back to the people involved.

Huge thank you to Joward and Geena, Sally, Lori, Kayleigh and Emma (and James ;) ) for getting involved. 


Quick design I worked on whilst waiting for client feedback. All it took was a drunk chat with fellow whiskey lovers in a pub until we decided we needed a logo. 

It's up for grabs, if you're interested email to discuss pricing/licensing. Text is placeholder.