Monday, 3 March 2014

Inland Clothing - Desire Collection


I've got t-shirts up for sale over Inland Clothing

It's a company based in the sunny North of England, and each shirt collection is set around a different theme with a variety of artists and designers submitting there interpretation. 

The theme for this collection was "Desire".

I started by looking into how the theme of Desire is interpreted by different cultures and how it was symbolised in history and mythology. I eventually came across “Sailing to Byzantium” by William Yeates, a poem in which Yeates speaks about his own desire for intellectual, creative and spiritual journey – not just to wither away, but to keep creating and discovering. Hopefully, this is something all creatives can relate to. I stuck with using the imagery described in the poem rather than translating the context. The nautical theme symbolises journey, and is also something which is visually open enough for a whole range of people to enjoy.

Check Inland out on Facebook and Twitter for info on future releases and special offers.

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