Saturday, 4 May 2013

2013 Portrait Run - Progress

I'll keep posting previews and up-to-date notes over on my Twitter and Facebook feed as I go along, but this whole project is getting dusted ASAP.

TEDxHull Fringe

The guys over at H&H were kind enough to let me go down to the TEDxHull event and do some live art alongside fellow super-badass-talented illustrator Jake machen. Here's how it went.
 Details from my own work (above) as well as an shot of the final thing (below), all in ink, acrylic and emulsion on a big mother of a board.

Jake working on his absolute monstrosity of a piece, all in markers. This thing was unbelievable to see being created.

Progress shot by Karl Andre Photography

Great day, great people, great vibes! 

More of Jake's work can be found over on his tumblr -