Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cult Cinema Sunday presents DRIVE

So before I say anything else....yep, I jumped on the Drive poster bandwagon! After taking a break from working for Cult Cinema Sunday I'm back taking part in their print design brief. I've got a couple of other projects lined up with them in the next few months, one I get to draw Bradd Pitt, the other I get to draw Steve Buscemi's handsome mug.....this month was Ron Perlman's turn...
No idea why but I'm really pleased with the pencil stage of Perlman's face...

In all honestly, I think nearly everything that can be done with a Drive poster design has been done. A massive range of illustrators and designers have given it their own interpretation, and most of them are pretty awesome (two of my favourites are Gabz variant and Ken Taylor's piece). I've tried to make this rendition as unique as possible but with a film that's already extremely stylized as this is it's actually incredibly difficult to try something different that works.

But anyway, hope you enjoy.

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