Friday, 6 April 2012

Cult Cinema Sunday - True Romance

I'm showing off more print work I've done for Cult Cinema Sunday! April 15th's screening is True Romance, one of my top films of all time. I had the idea for the poster months and months ago and got it completed in about two and a half days which is some kind of record....

Progress shots below as well as the finished thing...

Keep a look out on their Big Cartel page, limited edition prints going up for sale soon! 


  1. Hi James
    Is there any chance you'll be printing more of these? I'm a die hard True Romance fan and this is by far the best poster in existence. It simply has to join my collection!

  2. I also would absolutely love one. Please let me know if there's any way I can buy!

  3. Hi guys sorry for the late reply, I'll get on at Cult Cinema Sunday to get another print run in place and hopefully it will happen! Until then get in touch on my personal email or keep a lookout over on Cult Cinema Sunday's Facebook page